Carpets that are clean

improve the looks of our homes, add to our enjoyment, and give us a warm comfortable feeling. Unfortunately carpets don't stay clean without some assistance. The vacuum cleaner is a carpet's best friend. Did you know that nearly 80% of all the contaminants and soils a carpet collects is removable by vacuuming? That certainly covers the majority of it but what about the rest? The spilled coffee or juice, the gummy gooey spot that got tracked in, oily residues from unknown sources and the accumulation of other soils? Maybe it's the ever present airborne glacial silt that we all enjoy here in the valley? Did I mention pet stains? Some times it's an odor, barely detectable but it's there and some times its a look. Your carpet just doesn't look clean any longer or maybe it really is dirty and you just haven't gotten around to having it cleaned. Perhaps you've even rented one of those grocery store carpet cleaners and noticed how rapidly your carpet resoiled.

Now is the time to call AQUA VAC for a professional carpet cleaning. That other 20% of the soil in your carpet is our specialty. We are equipped to deal with it, trained to deal with it and to you that means really clean carpets. AQUA VAC uses the hot water extraction method called "STEAM CLEANING" that carpet manufacturers recommend. I am proud of the deep restorative cleaning that we are able to provide and invite you to call me for a free inspection and estimate. Pick up the phone and call Bob at: Aqua Vac 357-5060

P.S. Before you replace that used carpet try our restorative deep cleaning, we may be able to save you a lot of time, work and money! Your carpets represent a substantial investment, let us help you maintain that investment.

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